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rindete sin fracasar en el intento ben shorts ray marfil
rindete sin fracasar en el intento ben shorts ray marfil
Surrender without failing in the attempt.
por Ben Shorts.

Believe it or not, this book is about success… about relationships and other topics, but above all, about living a cooler life.

1.The definition of success is subjective, and it varies from person to person.   Have you ever wondered what it means to be successful? Most likely, luxury cars and first-class travel come to mind, as that’s what we see every day on social media. Believing that this is the only path, from my experience with the people I accompany in their journey, causes a lot of frustration and pain. What if you forgot about that definition and dared to create your own? One that aligns with who you are, what you like, and what you need; you could live in congruence with yourself, and BAM! Every day, you would do something you’re passionate about, contributing something that only you can to others.

2.We do very foolish things just to be accepted.
This one hit home for me. I knew my mission was to work with people to contribute to their development; I knew it for years. But I had a lot of inner conflict about what others would think of me if I left my marketing career to become a coach. What would my family think? My friends? As a result, I spent all that time doing something I liked but didn’t love, knowing deep down that there was something more where I could give my best.

3.Life is not about winning; it’s not a competition.                                                                                              We’ve become accustomed to competing: the best student, the best high school football player, the one with the best job, the one with the most money… Have you ever thought about everything we do because we believe life is a competition whose ultimate goal is to win? How much pressure do you put on yourself to be the «best» or to try to be? Going back to point one, if I have my version of success and you have yours, wouldn’t it be better to give ourselves the time to understand and respect each other’s versions? To rejoice that each person is living their purpose?

4.Don’t let them kill your creativity just because they can’t understand it.                                          Social paradigms, the «should be,» the molds that we all must conform to and adapt to in order to be accepted, limit our essence. Are you worried about what others will say when you do what you really want? Think about this: How many of the creative geniuses who have helped humanity with their works and inventions were recognized and accepted in their time? Give us your essence, your maximum creative power, to amaze us!

5.Success comes from within; stop looking for it elsewhere.
Well, I’m already at point five, and I still haven’t explained to you why the book is called «Ríndete» (Surrender) and is about success.
We are all special and have a set of skills and gifts that we can contribute to the rest of the people with whom we share this planet. External factors such as culture, education, our relationships, and internal factors like the beliefs we hold about ourselves limit us.
Héctor (Benshorts) invites us to take the time to discover who we are, ask ourselves, «What do we like?» and look ourselves in the eyes to be very honest with ourselves and give up what doesn’t help us grow.

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